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Landscaping/Grounds Request
(For "Building Maintenance" requests, please use appropriate form.)

Fleetwood Definitions:
  • Landscaping - The planning, selection, planting, and authoriziation for Owners to plant in the Fleetwood Common Areas.
  • Grounds - The weekly, monthly, seasonal, and yearly grounds maintenace like grass cutting, weeding, leaf blowing, storm cleanup, etc.
  • Request - This Request may be for either some service or permission/authorization concerning the landscaping and/or grounds maintenacne here at Fleetwood.

  • All Landscaping and Grounds efforts are carried out within the constraints of the Annual Budget. This necessitates the setting of priorities and the realization that not all requests can, or will be, completed.
  • All Landscaping activites are controlled via the Fleetwood Landscape Committee, under supervision of the Board. No individual/independant plantings shall be undertaken without the expressed permission of the Landscaping Committee and coordination/agreement with neighbors that can directly view the plantings. The Landscaping Committe represents the Board in controlling the campus look via Sections 3.7, 7.4, and Article 6 of the Fleetwood Declarations.
  • All Grounds maintenace is performed via an outside contractor under the supervision of the Board.
  • A request may be submitted for small, isolated situations such as removal of dead shrubs, dead limbs in trees, safety issues, cleanup, etc.
  • Requests for larger landscaping projects and/or major modifications will be received and considered in light of budget realities and a master plan.
  • You can attach a picture of your problem or request. This is not required but can be helpful.

Please report only one issue per form. This enables us to schedule each separate issue in a fair and timely manner.

Important Notes:
1.  Execpt in the case of an emergency, this form should be submitted only by the owner of a unit. If an occupant who is a renter or visitor identifies a need or request other than an emergency, this should be discussed by the renter with the owner and that owner should submit the request via this form.

2. To issue this request, fill in the form fields/boxes and then scroll down to the bottom to click on the "submit" button. Upon submission, your request will be sent to the appropriate people.

3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: After you click on "submit" you will be directed to a "Thank You" page. This will confirm that your request has begun submission. If you provided an email address, an acknowledgement email will be sent to that address which is a copy of your request for you to save and/or print. Progress and/or resolution of your request will be communicated to you either in person, by phone, or via email.

Landscaping/Grounds Form
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