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Approval Request for an Exterior Change to Unit
(For Interior approval requests, please use

Article 15 of the Red Book (abstracted below) calls for a written request and written Board approval before any change is made to the exterior of a unit..

Article 15 - Architectural Standards and Control
No Owner, occupant, lessee or lessor, or any other person may make any encroachment onto the common elements, exterior change, alteration, or construction (including planting or landscaping in any form), nor erect, place, or post any sign, object, light, or thing on the exterior of the buildings or any other common element, or on any place or thing in the Condominium visible from the outside of a Unit, without first obtaining the written approval of the Board of Directors of the Association or its designee. The Board may establish general exceptions to this section in duly adopted Rules and Regulations.

To obtain such permission for any aforementioned change or alteration, the plans and specifications showing the nature, kind, shape, height, materials, and location shall have been submitted in writing to the Board or its designee.
[Remaining portion of Article 15 omitted. See Red Book.]

Please Note: In addition to this form, "plans and specifications" (drawings, sketches, etc.) also need to be separately submitted to the President. Further, as a matter of neighborliness and courtesy, please discuss your proposed change with other owners (both in your unit and/or who will visually affected). (Their written endorsement is not required by the Red Book, but will certainly simplify a Board decision.)

Completion of this online form (along with the seperate submission of the "plans and specifications") will be considered fulfillment of the written request mentioned in The Red Book. Please fill out this form as COMPLETELY as possible. Usually the more information you submit, the quicker a response will be able to be given to you.

Please allow adequate time for your request to be considered and approved. Article 15 mentions a 60 day period for a response to be given by the Board. In most, but not all, situations a decision will be able to be made in a matter of a couple weeks and communicated to you in writing.

Note: Be sure to scroll way down to the bottom to click on the "submit" button. After you click on the "submit" button, your request information will be sent immediately to the Board and appropriate Committee Chair.

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