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Request to Reserve the Clubhouse

General Guidelines...
Approved by Fleetwood Board on June 30, 2010

The Clubhouse/kitchen, deck/grill area, pool and fitness room exist for the enjoyment and use of all Fleetwood residents and their guests. These guidelines attempt to follow this fellowship principle; so that respectful, consideration, and fairness are provided to everyone..

The Clubhouse/kitchen may be reserved, by residents, for private functions that are not open to all members of the Fleetwood Community. (Examples: club functions, church functions, showers, birthday parties, etc.)

Only the Clubhouse main room, kitchen, and grill area (not the pool, the entire wooden deck, or the fitness room) are available for exclusive private use. This is based on recognition that owners of the Community should not be deprived or denied use of their pool area or fitness room at any time.

In completing and submitting this form...
  • Check the calendar on Fleetwood Website for availability of desired time.
  • Be sure to allow adequate time for setup and cleanup.
  • You agree to be on the premises for the duration of the event.
  • You agree to leave the premises in the same condition of order and cleanliness in which it was found or a cleaning/repair charge can be imposed.
  • You agree to release the Fleetwood Plaza Condominium Association, Inc. of liability for personal injury and property damage which may occur during or flowing from such meeting or event described below.
  • You understand that some requests may appropriately need to be referred to the Fleetwood Board (very large gatherings, extended time periods, the despensing of alcohol, etc.).

  • You understand that your request is not confirmed until/unless you receive confirmation (either in person, by phone, or email) from the clubhouse chairman. If you provide an email receipt address, this receipt is only a receipt that you have made the request. The receipt is not confirmation of the reservation itself.

Clubhouse Reservation Form

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