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Talk with your Board/Officers

Use this form to communicate with your Board/officers on any topic.  Your comments will be automatically forwarded to all Board/Officer members.  If you would like a reply, please check the box.  You will then receive a reply from either the President or from the Board member most closely associated with your comments.

Feel free to use this form for...

    -  suggestions
    -  feedback
    -  questions
    -  concerns
    -  accolades
    -  anything!

Please do NOT use this form for a specific complaint about another specific resident.  There is a different form for that purpose.  If you use this form for a specific, named complaint you will be referred back to the proper form and resolution of your concern will be delayed.  The direct link to the Complaint Form is

After you click on the "submit" button at the bottom, your comments will immediately be sent to all Board members and officers.

Board and Officer Feedback
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