Fleetwood Plaza Regime
Rules and Regulations[1]


This document presents the most recent versions of Board-approved rules, together with useful information and suggestions to promote harmonious social interaction at Fleetwood.

The text below is deliberately formatted in three different colors, whose intent is as follows:

 - black text is used for titles and for substantive content (i.e., some action or behavior is required or prohibited);

 - green text is used for (a) informational content (i.e., no action is required or constraint implied) or (b) to express a recommendation (as opposed to a requirement).

 - blue text is used to indicate a hyperlink to some other location.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For many of these items, additional details can be found by following the references to other documents. 


The Board is authorized to make, modify, repeal, and enforce reasonable rules and regulations governing the conduct, use, and enjoyment of units and the Common Elements. [See Declaration, Article 16.1]


Compliance [See Declaration, Article 7.19 and Article 22]

All residents shall comply with both the “letter and spirit” of the following items.


Assessment Policy[7] [See Declaration, Article 11]

Questions occasionally come up concerning Fleetwood’s assessment policy as it relates to the late payment penalty. First, the due date is the key to understanding how the late payment penalty works. The due date for assessment remittance is the first day of each fiscal quarter, i.e., the first day of October, January, April and July. Statements are mailed to the address of record or hand delivered to the mailbox of those in residence on or before the 15th of the month preceding the due date.

A ten-day grace period beyond the due date is extended to allow for extenuating circumstances. Any payment received after the tenth day following the due date that is not postmarked prior to the due date will automatically be assessed a penalty of five percent (5%) payable immediately upon notification. [See Declaration, Article 11.11] Payment must be in the Regime mailbox at 400 Fleetwood Plaza Drive on or before the tenth, whether mail is delivered on the tenth or not, i.e., Sundays, Federal holidays. etc.


Automatic Fines[12] [Note also the automatic fine for late payment of an assessment.]

Any owner or renter who fails to follow the published rules regarding:

·         Leaving a Unit Empty (water shutoff) , or

·         Parking (which kinds of vehicles may be parked, how many, and where), or

·         Pets (size, number, nuisances caused, leash requirements, cleanup)

shall be fined according to the following schedule:

First offense:
Second offense:
Third and subsequent offenses:
$   25.00
$   50.00
$ 100.00

An individual who is notified that he / she has been found in violation of any of the above-named rules may appeal to the Board within ten (10) days of the date of notification to challenge the finding or to identify mitigating circumstances.  The Board will respond to the challenge within ten (10) days and notify the individual of its decision, which shall be final and binding.  If there is no challenge to the initial notification, or if the Board on review maintains the original finding, the individual shall remit the appropriate amount to the Treasurer within ten (10) days of receiving notice.  Failure to remit the payment within that time will constitute a violation of this rule, resulting in a doubling of the fine.

An owner or renter who has been fined for violating one of these rules and who then has no subsequent offense of that rule for one (1) year will have his / her record “reset” so that a subsequent offense of that rule after such a hiatus will again be considered a first offense.

The Board reserves the right to impose other or additional sanctions for repeated or flagrant violation of one of these rules.


Communications [See Communications for additional information.]

From the Board: The Board communicates via U.S. mail, email, and the website.  Each owner and renter is responsible for notifying the Board of his/her current email address and/or preferred mailing address.  For individuals with more than one mailing address on record, the Board will use the address understood to be that of the primary residence, unless notified otherwise. Please use the online Personal Information form for changes or corrections.

To the Board: Please USE THE ONLINE FORMS to communicate requests or concerns to the Board or to standing committees. There are forms for

The Board, officers, and committee chairs will do their best to deal promptly with requests, complaints, or concerns communicated via these forms and in compliance with the directions included there.



The Association maintains and publishes online a directory of owners and renters at Fleetwood.   It is password protected and available via the “Member Page” of the website.  Residents are encouraged to have their photographs included in the directory, to assist in building a neighborly community, but this is at the option of each resident.  For the safety, security, and operational effectiveness of the Association, every owner of record must have contact information listed in the Directory.  This information shall include name, address, at least one email address, and at least one phone number.



Residents may allow use of their unit by relatives or close friends when not present provided the Guest Guidelines have been followed, including completing and submitting the Guest Registration form and providing the guests with a completed copy of the Instructions & Information for Guests .

[Note: these requirements apply only to guests occupying a unit in the absence of the owner or lessee.  Nothing is required if guests are visiting while the owner or lessee is present].


Leaving a Unit Empty  [subject to Automatic Fines]

Unit owners and renters are responsible for protecting their unit when it is left empty.  The full details of one’s responsibility can be found in the Fleetwood Emergency Plan.  In particular:

  • If the unit is vacant for more than 24 hours, the water must be shut off.

  • If the vacancy is more than two weeks AND falls between December 1st and March 15th, it is recommended the unit be winterized. [See Winterizing and Draining Check List].


Notice of Desire to Sell

Owners intending to sell their unit must give written advance notice to the Board, as expediently as possible. [See Declaration, Article 13.2]



  • No unit owner is permitted to lease his/her unit for transient, hotel or time-sharing purposes. [See Declaration, Section 7.18]

  • All leases must be for no less than one year. [See Declaration, Article 13]

  • No more than six units may be leased at any one time.[2]

  • Owners who wish to lease must fill out a Unit Leasing Request Form. Requests will be granted in order, up to the limit of the available number of leases, and requests beyond that limit will be placed on a waiting list. [See detailed information in the Unit Leasing Policies]

  • All leases must use the Board-approved Lease form. [See Lease Agreement Form] A copy of the signed lease form must be provided to the Board within fifteen days of signing AND prior to occupancy. [See Declaration, Article 13.2]

  • For renters, a Board interview and approval is needed prior to occupancy. [See Declaration, Article 13.1]


Unit Usage

  • All units are restricted exclusively to single-family residential use. [See Declaration, Section 7.1]

  • No unit may be divided or subdivided into smaller units. [See Declaration, Section 7.10]

  • No commercial business activities shall be conducted on any portion of the property except in the unit owner's own individual unit.  Even in these instances, written Board approval must be obtained. [See Declaration, Section 7.3]

  • No activities shall be carried on nor condition maintained by any unit owner, either in his unit or upon common areas, if such activities should despoil, or tend to despoil, the appearance of the condominiums or the reasonable enjoyment of other residents. [See Declartion, Section 7.7]

  • No nuisances, as determined by the Board, shall be allowed upon the condominium property. [See Declaration, Section 7.11]

    • Except in the case of an emergency, noise generated by construction or other maintenance work prior to 8:00 a.m. or after 7:00 p.m. is considered to be a nuisance.[10]


Building and Grounds Maintenance[8]

Maintenance by the Regime: Standing Committees at Fleetwood Plaza are in place to oversee the routine, scheduled maintenance of the common elements (clubhouse, pool, road, sewer system, surrounding slopes, the circle at the top of the road, and the Fleetwood entrance structures, including the water feature) and many of the limited common elements (carports, carport storage closets, driveways, roofs, exteriors of buildings, balconies, decks, terraces, patios, outside stairways, entrance areas, lawns surrounding units, and the areas between carports from a building to the road).

Owners may request maintenance for items or areas that are maintained by the Regime via a Building Maintenance Request or a Grounds Request.


Maintenance by Owners: All owners are responsible for the maintenance of their units.  (Detailed descriptions of what is understood to be part of a unit can be found in Article 4 of the Declaration.)  In addition, owners in some units have the right and responsibility for landscaping and plantings in front of or alongside their units or for other areas near their unit specified in a Board-approved agreement, either because they have so requested or because they have inherited the responsibility via conveyance from the previous owner.  [See also “Fleetwood Grounds Information and Tips”]


Building and Grounds Modifications[8] [See Declaration, Section 7.4 and Article 15.]

  • MODIFICATIONS: Except as identified in the following subsection (OUTDOOR DÉCOR), no unit owner shall make additions, structural alterations of or modifications to his/her unit, internally or externally, nor additions or alterations (including planting or landscaping in any form) to common elements or limited common elements without first getting approval from the Board. The Board has given blanket approval for a list of minor and routine modifications to the interior of a unit (listed in the Interior Change Request form), for which no prior request need be made.  For other modifications to their unit or limited common elements or facilities at or near their unit, owners must request permission in writing via an Interior Change Request or an Exterior Change Request.  The Board will consider such requests only from the owner-of-record of that unit.  The Board has authorized the Chair of the Building Maintenance Committee and the Chair of the Grounds Maintenance Committee to approve requests for modifications in their respective areas of responsibility which are deemed to be minor or routine. 

  • OUTDOOR DÉCOR: [See the full statement in the Approved Guidelines for Fleetwood Yards] As of January 1, 2019 only natural plant material and rocks will be permitted on the ground surrounding the fronts, sides, and backs of the buildings.  However, residents and owners may display any yard art or treasured items in the following “personal” areas:

    1. The walls which make up the garbage area.

    2. The front “alcove” area defined as the area (walls, floor, and door) which is directly covered by the building’s roof overhang.  To check to see if your items are permitted, ensure that they are under a roofed area.

    3. Second floor landings and entries as long as they are under a roofed area.  To check to see if your items are permitted, ensure that they are under a roofed area.

    4. Any back porch/patio/balcony area which is directly covered by the building roof overhang.

    Artificial flowers (plastic, fabric, or metal) are only permitted in the back porch/patio/balcony area which is covered by the roof overhang.

    There shall be no restrictions as to what constitutes a treasured item/yard art that can be displayed in the designated areas listed above as items 1-4.

    Additionally, one (1) flag of the owner’s choosing (US, state, athletic, college, etc.) may be displayed via a flag holder attached to a building or one of the carport vertical support posts.  Smaller athletic style banner flags will need to be displayed only in the above defined “personal” areas.

    Any holiday items (seasonal or religious, etc.) are also allowed only in the designated areas (items 1-4 above) between the day after Thanksgiving and January 6.

  • RESPONSIBILITY: Any changes to a unit or the limited common elements (See Declarations, Article 6) that have been made by any owner, past or present, are the responsibility of the owner-of-record. The expense of maintaining the alterations or additions to meet safety and aesthetic standards, as defined by Fleetwood Plaza Regime, Inc., will be borne by the owner-of-record. Should the Board of Directors determine that the owner (a) made alterations or additions without proper prior approval, (b) has made alterations or additions which are unsafe, unaesthetic, or which impede normal or emergency maintenance, or (c) is not properly maintaining the alterations or additions (including any needed watering, fertilizing, trimming, etc., of plantings), Fleetwood Plaza may exercise its authority to contract for correction or removal of the repairs or modifications at the owner's expense. All work will be done by a Contractor or Landscaper approved by Fleetwood. Fleetwood will retain a record of all additions or alterations to a unit or the limited common elements.

  • SOUNDPROOFING: When any hard surface is placed as flooring in an upstairs unit of any Fleetwood building, adequate soundproofing material must be installed before the finished surface is put in place.  [See detailed information in the Soundproofing Policy.][5]

  • RESTORATION OR CONVEYENCE: Prior to any sale of a unit, the owner shall either (a) restore any modification or addition to its original condition or (b) convey to a potential buyer the responsibility for the maintenance of all modifications or additions to the unit or to a limited common element, including the maintenance of all grounds modifications or additions.


Needed Access

Official representatives of Fleetwood Plaza Regime, Inc. will have access to each unit for maintenance, repairs and inspections deemed necessary, upon oral or written notice to its owner. Notice will, understandably, be waived in emergency situations. [See Declaration, Article 7.9 and Article 10.5] Owners may identify one or more persons as contacts in the event of an emergency [See Contact Preferences form]


Door Keys

If you change the locks on your doors, which is certainly within your right to do, it is required that you submit copies of the keys for emergencies. [See Declaration, Section 10.5] The keys should be given to 1) the Board President or Emergency Coordinator. Your emergency key is kept in a lock box that is kept inside the locked records file room in the maintenance annex of the Clubhouse. Only authorized officials have the access code to the key box and the key to the file room.


Vehicles and Parking[3] [See Declaration, Article 7.5 and Article 7.7]  [subject to Automatic Fines]

  • Only two passenger vehicles (e.g., automobiles, non-commercial pickup trucks, motorcycles) are allowed to park on a continuing basis at any unit.  This restriction is not intended to prohibit short-term parking of additional vehicles by visitors and guests, space allowing.

  • Customarily, the carport space closest to the carport storage shed is used by the upper unit and the other carport space by the lower unit.  Second vehicles may be parked behind the vehicle in the carport, in driveway side spaces, or upper circle spaces.

  • Owners may park a third passenger vehicle at another unit which has an unused space available provided they have received explicit permission from the owner of said unit.  Parking at a neighbor’s unit without permission is not allowed.

  • Trucks, RV's, pickup trucks for commercial use, vehicles that have more than four wheels, trailers, motor homes and commercial vans are not allowed.  (This restriction refers to unit residents’ vehicles; commercial vehicles are of course allowed while providing services to residents.)

  • No recreational vehicles (boat, trailer, mobile home, motor home or similar) shall be stored in or upon common areas or facilities.  Temporary parking and/or use (generally, less than five days) will be considered by the Board upon request.

  • Parking on the road is not allowed at any time.

  • Parking at the Clubhouse is allowed only on a short-term basis (no more than 24 hours). 

  • No vehicle may be parked on or driven over unpaved areas (except for police, fire, or emergency vehicles or construction/repair/service vehicles which need access to a specific work location).


Storage in Carports

  • Customarily, the carport space closest to the carport storage shed is used by the upper unit and the other carport space by the lower unit.

  • Overhead storage belongs to the upper unit.


Cable TV, Internet, and Phone Connections

Consistent with the limitations on exterior changes, Board approval must be obtained before stringing lead-in or any external wires across the exterior of any building. Further, there shall be no exterior antenna or dishes unless approved by the Board. [See next section, on exterior antennas.]

Exterior Antennas[9]

In order to provide broadcast television service to one or more residents of any residential building at Fleetwood Plaza, the installation of external antennas is approved, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Only an antenna approved[9] by the Board may be installed.

  2. Installation must include a lightening arrestor, properly grounded.

  3. Installation must be via attachment to a chimney; only one (1) antenna per chimney is allowed.

  4. Ownership, installation, and maintenance of the antenna and associated cables, connectors, etc., and any damage to the building caused by the antenna, cables, connectors, etc. during or subsequent to installation, are the responsibility of the individual (owner or lessee) or group of individuals in a given building who agree to purchase, install, and use the antenna.

  5. If one wishes to purchase and install an approved antenna, he/she should first contact others in his/her building to determine whether they have an interest in sharing the use of the antenna (and, presumably, the cost of purchase, installation, and maintenance).

  6. Prior to the date of installation of an antenna, the individual or group in a given building involved in the installation and joint use of the antenna must notify the Board of the installation and receive Board approval of the routing of the antenna cable and location of any splitter(s).

  7. If some but not all individuals in a given building install an antenna, they may not subsequently unreasonably deny access to and use of that antenna by a new owner or lessee, provided a reasonable cost-sharing arrangement has been identified.


Signs [See Declaration, Section 7.6]

  • Generally, no sign, advertisement, notice, or other lettering shall be exhibited, inscribed, painted or affixed on any portion of the exterior (or interior if visible from the outside) without written permission from the Board. This prohibition also includes signs displayed in or on motor vehicles (other than bumper stickers), if those motor vehicles are regularly parked at Fleetwood.

  • An exception is allowed for political signs (signs intended to influence the outcome of an election, including supporting or opposing an issue on the ballot).  No earlier than 45 days prior to and 7 days after an election, one (1) such sign may be exhibited on or near one’s own unit provided it is no larger than 24 inches by 24 inches.


Pets[13]  [See Declaration, Section 7.8] [subject to Automatic Fines]

  • The number and size of pets is subject to approval by the Board, which will be guided by the "Nuisance Section" of the Declarations (Section 7.11).  The Board may require an interview of owners or renters and of any prospective pets.

  • No exotic pets are allowed without explicit approval of the Board.

  • In any unit, no more than two pets are allowed[14], except for fish in a fish tank.  At most one of these may be an "outdoor" pet (i.e., a pet, usually a dog, that is allowed outside of the unit periodically).  If a second pet is kept, it must be an "indoor" pet (i.e., a pet, usually a cat, that is never allowed out at any time).

  • Cat litter may not be disposed of in toilets.

  • Relevant ordinances of Henderson County and the Town of Laurel Park must be followed.
    [See Henderson County Code of Ordinances, Chapter 16, and Town of Laurel Park Code of Ordinances, Chapter 2.8.]  In particular,

    • Pets should not be allowed to create a nuisance in terms of noise (barking, yipping, growling, etc.)

    • Whenever a pet is allowed outside the living unit, the pet must be on a leash.

    • Persons who walk pets are responsible for immediately cleaning up after their animals and discarding securely bagged pet droppings in the household garbage only.

Water Shutoff

Water must be shut off in any unit left vacant for more than 24 hours. [See Fleetwood Emergency Plan]

Winterizing [See Declaration, Section 7.14; see Fleetwood Emergency Plan]

All unit occupants who are away from their units between December 1 and March 15

  1. for more than two weeks -- should winterize their units.

  2. for more than 72 hours but less than two weeks -- should EITHER winterize their unit OR leave a full gallon of nontoxic RV antifreeze on their washer/dryer to be utilized should emergency winteriztion of all units become necessary.


Chimney Cleaning

 Units that bum firewood in their fireplaces MUST be professionally cleaned at least once a year in consideration of the protection of the entire building. [See Declaration, Section 21.1]



Should be stored 18" away from the building foundation and wall, including garbage area enclosures, and all other foundation walls. This requirement will preclude firewood being stored on porches or decks


Smoke Alarms

Both battery and wired smoke alarms should be replaced after ten years use.  Batteries are generally recommended to be replaced twice a year.  (The date of change to/from daylight savings time is a good reminder point.)


Fire Extinguishers

Insurance carriers and fire departments generally recommend that households install at least one dry chemical extinguisher in a location either in or convenient to the kitchen.


Portable Grills

The use of portable charcoal, gas and/or electric grills on open decks and porches (on both levels, including patios) is prohibited.  Further, when such grills are used on lawns and grassy areas, they must be ten (10) feet from any Fleetwood building.

Open Decks

Heavy loads such as large flower boxes, hot tubs and the storage of firewood, etc. are prohibited on open decks.


Garden Hoses

Should be put away after use, rather than left on sidewalks, yards or gardens where they create a walkway hazard and an unattractive appearance.


Speed Limit

Do not exceed the posted limit of 14 miles per hour.

Garbage, Recycling, Water & Sewer Service:

The Town of Laurel Park and the City of Hendersonville furnish these services.

At Fleetwood, we do not have to place trash bags at the roadside. As a courtesy to Fleetwood, the handlers will remove the bags from our own individual garbage areas. If you experience any problems with trash pickup, please contact one of the Board Members. Please Do NOT contact Laurel Park directly.

Red golf tees and holders (screw-in eye bolts) are provided for each unit. These are usually placed on or near the door handle to a unit’s trash area. If you are to be gone for an extended period, please arrange for a neighbor to insert the tee in the holder after your trash has been picked up. This is a signal to the trash handlers that they do not need to open the door and check for trash (because there isn’t any). This system has two objectives:

  • A courtesy and time-saver for the trash handlers (who actually do us a big favor by not requiring road-side placement of trash)

  • Reductions in wear and tear on the heavy trash enclosure doors. Maintenance and repair of the doors and latches are constant and costly headaches. Minimizing wear and tear saves Fleetwood money.


Fleetwood's Waste System, Sewage, and Other Topics

Please personally review this information with all of your unit occupants, visitors, cleaning and trades people.

Do not use the toilets in your unit to dispose of anything other than human waste and toilet paper.

Sewage from Fleetwood Plaza is collected at the sewer lift station on Pinewood Circle at the foot of Fleetwood.

When anything other than human body waste and toilet paper is flushed down a toilet, it jams the grinder pumps and burns out the motors. This then shuts down the entire sewer system that includes ALL of the TOILETS, SINKS, TUBS, SHOWERS, DISH AND CLOTHES WASHERS in Fleetwood's 63 units and our Clubhouse.

Again, the system will not handle anything but human waste and toilet paper.

The grinder pumps will NOT handle…

baby wipes (including so-called “flushable”)
diapers of any kind
dental floss
sanitary pads - tampons
disposable underwear
underwear of any type

cleaning rags
rubber gloves
gauze dressings
facial tissues - cotton balls
paper towels
cooking oil
oils of any kind

The sewer system at Fleetwood belongs to the Fleetwood unit owners… nobody else.  Repair costs get very expensive (several thousand dollars per call when a motor burns out or a line gets plugged). Any costs are borne by all Fleetwood owners.  PLEASE be mindful and vigilant about this issue.

Also, please make sure your guests and visitors follow these guidelines.


Use of Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is for the use and enjoyment of all residents and their guests. Friendliness, courtesy and respect will enhance the experience for everyone.  Please welcome the guests and visitors of unit owners. Guidelines for use of the Clubhouse (including Pool and Workout Room) are found on the website. [See Clubhouse-Pool Rules]

The clubhouse may be reserved by residents for private functions; a resident wishing to reserve the clubhous must follow the Clubhouse Reservation Guidelines and request permission from the Board via the online form.

Pool Season

The pool will generally be open from sometime in May to approximately October 1st. Specific opening/closing dates and times of pool operation will be communicated to the community. All users must observe signs posted in the area and the pool guidelines approved by the Board and/or posted on the website. [See Clubhouse-Pool Rules]


Snow and Ice Removal[6]

When snow and ice conditions occur, the Fleetwood Regime will act as follows:

The weather forecast and existing conditions will be evaluated to determine if snow and/or ice removal is necessary. If the outlook is such that it appears the snow and ice will melt during the day, no action will be taken. If the conditions indicate that the snow and ice will remain during the day and continue into the next day, then arrangements will be made to obtain removal service as soon as possible. When removal service is activated the contractor will remove snow and ice from the sidewalks up to the front stoop or steps of the units and will clear a path to the mailboxes. Owners may engage services for additional removal at their option.  Please note that stairs to the upper units are the responsibility of the owner and Fleetwood does not remove snow and ice from these steps. It is recommended that owners have snow melt and the proper tools for step cleaning.


Vista Projects[4]

One or more owners in a building (or in two or more adjacent buildings) may request that the Board, through its Vista Committee, investigate the feasibility of improving the view from said building(s) by having foliage on neighboring property removed or topped.  If the Vista Committee determines that there is sufficient interest among the owners in the affected building(s), the Committee will, to the extent possible, identify the owner(s) of the property involved, assess their willingness to have such landscaping activities performed, and develop an estimate of the cost prior to making a recommendation to the Board.  If the Board approves proceeding, the Fleetwood owners in the affected building(s) will be asked to make voluntary contributions to cover 50% of the estimated cost of the project, and the Board will commit to match the amount pledged by the owners.  If the amount of money pledged (and matched) is sufficient to cover the projected cost, the Board will authorize that the work be done.


[1] Except as noted, the Rules and Regulations as presented here were approved by the Board on March 15, 2017.  Although several new articles were added then, this document is mostly a rearranged and edited version of approved rules and information available previously.

[2] Article 13 of the Declaration states that no more than six units may be leased at any one time, but also allows the Board to exceed this limit "in the case of hardship."  On August 4, 2014, The Board identified that "a hardship exists to the Fleetwood community because of the number of absentee owners who are rarely if ever at Fleetwood" and voted to increase the limit from 6 to 8, effective Octoer 1, 2014.  On May 15, 2019, the Board determined that the hardship condition no longer obtained and voted to return the limit to 6, effective immediately.

[3] The "Vehicle and Parking" section was amended, approved by the Board on May 18, 2016.

[4] The "Vista Projects" section was added, approved by the Board on May 18, 2016.

[5] The "Soundproofing Policy" was approved by the Board on November 16, 2006.

[6] The "Snow and Ice Removal" information was approved by the Board on October 4, 2005

[7] The "Assessment Policy" was approved by the Board on November 10, 2005.

[8] The "Building and Grounds Modifications" section was adopted July 8, 2005, amended December 12, 2017, and November 21, 2018, this and the "Building and Grounds Maintenance" section were both amended October 17, 2018.

[9] The "External Antenna" section was added, approved by the Board on August 18, 2016; the only Board-approved antenna is the MOHU Sky 60 Attic/Outdoor HDTV antenna.  For additional information, click here.

[10] The "Construction Noise" sentence was added, approved by the Board on November 16, 2016.

[11] The "Directory" section was added following reconfirmation of the policy by the Board on May 17, 2017.

[12] The "Automatic Fines" section was added, approved by the Board on July 19, 2017, subject to the condition that it become effective October 1, 2017.

[13] The "Pet" section was modified, approved by the Board on October 8, 2017.

[14] Subsequent modification regarding service animals was made by the Board on March 18, 2021; if you have questions regarding service animals, contact the President of the Board.