Fleetwood Plaza Regime
An Overview of

There are a number of documents which govern the covenantal relationship and community life among the owners and residents at Fleetwood.  These include:
    1.  The North Carolina Non-Profit Corporation Act
    2.  The North Carolina Condominium Act
    3.* The Charter, i.e., the Articles of Incorporation
    4.* The Declaration (approved by vote of the owners)
    5.* The Bylaws (approved by vote of the owners)
    6.*  Lease agreement (required when a unit is rented)
    7.*  Rules & Regulations issued by the Board

*In 2007, when the Declaration was amended by vote of the owners, the four items numbered 3 - 6, together with a "narrative summary" of the primary rules and regulations, were collected into a single document, which was distributed in print form to all residents (in red loose-leaf binders -- "The Redbook"); at the same time a PDF version was created and posted to the website.  In 2016, the owners approved a collection of several amendments to the Declaration and Bylaws, and in 2022 the owners approved a total revision of the Bylaws The Rules & Regulations change as circumstances warrant and have been distributed or, more recently, published to the website as they are approved or amended by the Board. 
The intention of this portion of the website is to make these important documents more accessible and usable by (1) presenting the most recent version of each and by (2) presenting them with hyperlink menus and interconnections to facilitate easy navigation to a particular section of a document or from one section to other related sections of that or other documents.  Click on any of the labels below to go to the document named.

The Articles of Incorporation for Fleetwood, which was incorporated as a non-profit corporation, Fleetwood Plaza Regime, in August of 1982.
The basic document governing Fleetwood, filed in accordance with the Condominium Act in October 2001, amended in June 2007, and amended in September 2016.
The Bylaws of the Fleetwood Plaza Regime, an extension of the Declaration, specifying how the governing Board is elected and listing its powers and responsibilities, amended in Septyember 2016 and again in September 2022.
The day-to-day rules governing life at Fleetwood, made by the Board or by the owners as a whole.  These rules are periodically reviewed and updated by the Board.
A model lease form that incorporates all the features required by the Declaration for valid lease of a unit at Fleetwood.  Currently this is the only lease form approved by the Board.
A printable PDF versions of the complete Redbook, as of September 2022, containing all of the information identified above: charter, declaration, bylaws, lease agreement, and rules and regulations.



 Several previous versions of the Redbook documents are available in the Archive.

  The links below will take you to the appropriate section of the North Carolina Statutes posted online.  Each will open in a new window or tab.

Corporation Act

Time Share Act
(Scroll to § 93A-39.)