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  Organizational Plans - Officers, Committees, etc. - from previous years
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  Redbooks - Previous Versions
81 pages
The original printing of the Redbook, historically interesting, but difficult to navigate because it was a scan of a physical "cut-and-paste"; i.e., a considerable amount of the previous language (superseded by later amendment) was left in, and new language was not always located where it belonged.
57 pages
The same content as the original, but without the problems identified above; i.e., language deleted by amendment does not appear and new language is located in its proper place.
12 pages
The amendment proposal as distributed for the Annual Meeting in 2016.  The changes were primarily designed to correct confusion over the policies regarding insurance.  Owners overwhelmingly approved the proposal.
67 pages
The Redbook documents, including amended language approved at the Annual Meeting in 2016 and with an expanded version of the "Narrative Summary" section from the previous version.
86 pages
Same as previous, with the "Narrative Summary" replaced by a "Rules & Regulations" section expanded, amended, and reorganized in 2017 to incorporate all existing rules and related policies.
89 pages
Same as previous, but with further amendments to the "Rules & Regulations" approved by the Board in 2018.
91 pages
Same as previous, but with revised Appendix B2: Winterizing and Reopening Check LIsts.
89 pages
The Redbook documents, including the amended language to change the Bylaws, approved at the Annual Meetint in 2022.

  The Fleetwood "View" - Newsletter discontinued after September 2007
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  Jan 28 Revised Emergency Procedures
  July 18 Bylaws Proposal - Cover Letter
    Bylaws Proposal - Complete Content
  March 15 Axis Engineering Report on condition of buildings (password protected)
  August 08 Drainage Projects Update #1
  December   Duffy Tree Management Plan
  July 19 Addition to "Rules and Regulations" - automatic fines
  May 17 Addition to "Rules and Regulations" - directories
  March 15 Reorganization of and additions to "Rules and Regulations"
  November 25 Letter from President - winerizing, departure notice, guests, pets
  November 17 Addition to "Rules and Regulations" - construction noise
  August 18 Addition to "Rules and Regulations" - external antennas
  May 18 Addition to "Rule and Regulations" - vehicles & parking, vista
  November 17 Letter from President - departure notice, winterizing, and repair responsibility
  August 12 Audio Recording of Insurance Forum  [N.B. THIS IS AN AUDIO FILE.]
  April 08,09 Correspondence re: Insurance - mudslide, mudflows, and landslides
  February 14 Vista Survey Summary
  January 08 Welcome Packet - Version 8
    Summary Restrictions, Rules, Requirements, etc. - Version 8
  June Reminders for Pool Use
  July 24 Board Response to Petition
  November Major Building Projects, 2012, 2013
  July 06 Results of Survey on Red Book Revision re: "Ownership Issues"
  May 30 Opinion Letter from Attorney Dungan re: "Ownership Issues"
  May 09 Exhibits from Attorney Dungan's Presentation re: "Ownership Issues"
  September 30 Fleetwood Insurance Facts
  August 11 Radon Information - update
  August 10 Committee Reports & Exhibits
  June Assessment History, 1989-2011; Special Assessment Article
  June Comparison of Assessments at Several Condominium Associations
  December 14 Fleetwood Insurance Facts
  June 15 2010 Reserve Plan
  April Road Vote Comparison - 2006 vs. 2010
  December 31 Sales History - 1996 to 2009 - Charts
  November 08 Summary of Restrictions, Rules, Requirements, Recommendations
  October 07 Community Input re: "Grid Problem"
  August 26 Buildings Inspection Report
  June 17 Clubhouse & Pool Rules
May 13 Grounds Maintenance Report
December Fleetwood Sales History - 1995 to 2008 - Chart
  October 08 Grounds Maintenance Report
  October 08 Social Committee Report for 2007-08
  September 16 Grounds Maintenance Report
  July 11 Grounds Maintenance Report
  February 14 Radon Testing/Mitigation Information (update)
  October 01 Rental, Leasing & Guest Policy and Definitions
  June 15 Radon Testing/Mitigation Information
  May 13 Hemlock Update
  May 09 Amenities Policy
  April 11 Clubhouse & Pool Rules
  October 10 Update from the President
  August Amenities Policy
  August 18 Insurance Information for 2006-2007