Condominiums for Sale

For further information and links to photos and details please visit the "Information for

Visitors" page on our website.

For general questions about Fleetwood, please call...
    Dennis Nelson at                                    (404) 791-0876
    Barry MacDowell, Webmaster, at        (765) 993-5294

Rules & Regulations: Persons with serious interest in becoming an owner/resident of
should carefully review two, important documents:
    1) The Redbook (our official documents and covenants); and
    2) The Condensed Summary of Selected Rules, Regulations and Other Information.
Both of these
documents can be found on the Visitor Page of our website.  Awareness
of the Rules &
Regulations prior to purchase will avoid future misunderstandings.

Leasing (Rentals): Occasionally, condo units at Fleetwood are available for lease (rent).  The minimum
rental period is twelve (12) months.  If you are interested in obtaining information about renting, please
contact the Webmaster by email (