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Electronic Communications at Fleetwood Plaza

  There are four types of electronic communication at Fleetwood Plaza:

: The Fleetwood website provides information about upcoming events, how things work at Fleetwood Plaza, access to recent and older records such as Board minutes, Treasurer's reports, archived records, etc.

Via a selection of forms
the website also provides Fleetwood owners and renters an efficient way to communicate to the Board or to the individuals or committees in charge of buildings, grounds, etc. to make a request, report a problem, reserve the clubhouse, submit departure or guest information, etc. 

Please review the drop-down menu on the members' page to link to the appropriate information or form.

If you have questions or encounter any problem, please contact Webmaster@FleetwoodPlaza.com.

Group emails:
Periodically, the Board or an officer of the Board will send a group email to everyone who is subscribed ("signed up") on the Fleetwood Residents Email List.  These emails are informational (announcements and information regarding upcoming meetings or social events, notices of new postings to the website, information about new residents, etc.).  Because these communications are often important for keeping residents informed and able to participate, the Board requests that at least one individual in each unit be subscribed to the list at all times.  IF YOU ARE AN OWNER AND/OR RESIDENT NOT CURRENTLY SUBSCRIBED TO THE FLEETWOOD RESIDENTS EMAIL LIST, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE BY FILLING OUT THE FORM TO THE RIGHT.
If you have questions or encounter any problem, please contact Communication@FleetwoodPlaza.com.


Emergency texts:
Occassionally, an emergency arises (such as a serious problem with the water or sewer system or an emergency situation in the area) which requires that residents be informed, perhaps asked to take appropriate precautions or actions for a period of time.  In such a situation, the Emergency Coordinator or a Board Officer will send out a group text to all residents who have requested to be on the Emergency Text List.  IF YOU ARE AN OWNER AND/OR RESIDENT NOT CURRENTLY ON THIS LIST AND WOULD LIKE TO BE ADDED, PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL MESSAGE TO THAT EFFECT TO Emergency@FleetwoodPlaza.com WITH YOUR NAME AND SMART-PHONE NUMBER.


Fleetwood Resident Directory:
The Fleetwood Directory lists contact information for all owners and residents at Fleetwood Plaza.  You can view the directory on the Fleetwood website (click here to access), or directly via your web-browser or from your smartphone.  For direct access, use your email address (as it appears in the Directory) to establish a user account with the service that maintains the database: "Instant Church Directory".  To establish or access you account online, click here.  To establish or access your account on your smartphone, you must first install a free app; for additional information, click on the appropriate link, depending on whether you have an iPhone, an Android phone, or Kindle Fire.  Once you have established you account via a web-browser or a smartphone, you can access it from either platform.
If you have questions or encounter any problem, or if your contact information listed in the Directory needs to be updated, please contact Welcome@FleetwoodPlaza.com.
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