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Organizational Plan for 2018-19
Version 5; Approved by the Board on July 6, 2019
Board Members   Officers    
** Kerry Grant 2019   President   Kathy Simkin
  Ruth Marcus 2019        
  Jeanette Whitmire 2019   Vice Presidents   Jeanette Whitmire
  Rich Foss 2020       Barry MacDowell
  Kathy Simkin 2020       Kerry Grant
            Bill Jacobs
Open Board Meetings - 10 am          
  October 18, 2018     Secretary * Joe Brashier
    December 13, 2018     Assistant Secretary   Carolyn MacDowell
    March 21, 2019          
    May 16, 2019     Treasurer   Phil Taylor
    July 3, 2019     Assistant Treasurer   Jim Parisi
Annual Meeting     Historian   Katy Parisi
  September 10, 2018     Librarian   Katy Parisi
        Parliamentarian   Kerry Grant
** Phil Taylor was elected to serve from
2018-2021, but he resigned in July 2019;
the Board elected Kerry Grant to serve
until the next election, September 2019.
* Lori McGann was elected as Secretary
but she resigned in March 2019; the
Board elected Joe Brashier to serve
for the remainder of the year.

Standing Committees    
  Building Maintenance / Pavement
  Chair   Bill Jacobs
  Liaison   Rich Foss
  Members   Alan Rieger, Blondie Whitmire
  Clubhouse / Pool
  Chair   Bill Jacobs
  Liaison   Ruth Marcus
  Members   None
  Chair   Barry MacDowell
  Liaison   NA
  Members   Linda Beagles, Joe Brashier, Carol Briggs, Kerry Grant, Bill Irwin,
Kenny McGann, Dennis Nelson, Van Wilson
  Grounds Maintenance    
  Chair   Janet Marshall
  Liaison   Rich Foss
  Members   Louisa Foss, Bob Hengst, Nancy Irving, Carolyn McDowell,
Larry & Sherese Rue, Larry Simkin
  Chair   Bob Hengst
  Liaison   Barry MacDowell
  Members   Building Captains (see list below)
  Financial Planning    
  Chair   Phil Taylor
  Liaison   NA
  Members   Barry MacDowell, Ruth Marcus, Jim Parisi
  Chair   Larry Simkin
  Liaison   Phil Taylor
  Members   None
  Chair   Jeanette Whitmire
  Liaison   NA
  Members   Shirley Moore, Jim Parisi
  Chair   Mike Michalski
  Liaison   Jeanette Whitmire
  Members   Larry Rue
  Snow Removal    
  Chair   Bob Hengst
  Liaison   Jeanette Whitmire
  Members   Ian Craig
  Contact Person   Kathy Simkin
  Chair   Larry Simkin
  Liaison   Kathy Simkin
  Members   None
Ad Hoc Committees    
  Value Enhancement    
  Liaison   NA
Building Captains    
  Building   Captain Phone email
  100, 200   Bob Hengst (828) 577-5295 bobhengst501@gmail.com
David Liles (843) 252-1025 david@dockman1.com
Janet Marshall (678) 850-5861 janetmarshall@bellsouth.net
Bob Hengst (828) 577-5295 bobhengst501@gmail.com
  600   Jim Parisi (828) 696-1973 voicer@morrisbb.net
Larry and Sherese Rue (704) 466-5355 sherese.rue@aol.com
  800   Blondie Whitmire (828) 674-7037 jbwhitmire@morrisbb.net
Bill Jacobs (321) 951-3567 wejacobs@bellsouth.net
  1000   Gary Grochowski (937) 581-8550 ggrochowski@rcmindustries.com
  1100   Barbara Gittleman (828) 329-2839 gitber3@gmail.com
  1200   Mike Michalski (828) 698-0757 moorehndrsnvll@aol.com
  1400   David Weston (864) 616-7885 dweston80@hotmail.com
Kevin Westmoreland (828) 231-1353 kwestmoreland1@msn.com
  1700   Bob Hengst (828) 577-5295 bobhengst501@gmail.com

  Emergency Chair   Bob Hengst (828) 577-5295 bobhengst501@gmail.com
  Liaison   Barry MacDowell (765) 993-5294 bmacdowe@comcast.net
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